ALL sources of annoyance
experienced by your users.

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Concentrate your efforts on
issues that really matter.

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Replicate problems easily, so
you’ll know how to fix them fast!

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Beyond Crash Reporting

AppRight is the tool you need to go way beyond crash reporting and understand what really matters to your users. AppRight enables you to see all of the quality issues that impact your users and to troubleshoot them. Using just crash reporting tools, you’re optimizing crashes & solving only a small portion of the problems that an application can create for users. In order to achieve superior quality, you need access to ALL the issues that can impact your users, like: performance, battery consumption, memory issues, cpu problem… in short – everything that can go wrong! AppRight provides all of this information to you.


The Full Picture

AppRight gives you the full picture of every device in your install base. You’ll know what the problems are on every hardware model and every operating system. You’ll have a true sense of how your end users experience your app.

Gryphonet Features


AppRight prioritizes problems according to which have the greatest impact. This helps you know what pressing matters should be dealt with first.


Expediate Resolution

AppRight gives you all of the information that you need to find out what caused problems and how you can recreate them in the lab. AppRight takes out all the guesswork, saving you critical time (and money too).


No Privacy Issues

AppRight meets the strictest privacy certification requirements needed to operate in Europe. Your customers’ privacy is our number one priority!


Easily achieve superior quality mobile applications.

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